Today I am remembering Madeline Alice Spohr. A little princess who impacts so many lives. A beautiful little girl taken from us too soon. Heather and Mike , Annabel and Rigby I am thinking of you, I am remembering with you, I am praying for you.

Today, I think, I dream and I see purple. Maddie’s color purple. I will, for the rest of my days, think of Maddie when I see purple. Beautiful purple flowers for a beautiful girl.

I took this photo this past summer and named it for Maddie.

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What a day I had

There is a reason that I call this blog staying centered in a crazy life. Crazy crap happens to me. I really don’t think I ask for it. What should be simple, never seems to turn out that way. Today is a prime example.

At 2:20, I get a call from B. Mom, I have a flat tire and I can’t find the jack.

Me- “Where are you?”

B- “I am on the side of the freeway.”

Me- “Oh my lord. I will get dressed and come!”

Yes, I said I will get dressed and go get him. Yes, it was 2:20 in the afternoon, I was still in my Pj’s. Not only was I in my Pj’s but they had pizza stains on them. I made myself a nice little lunch, and promptly spilled it all over myself. I was working from home, on the phone with a vendor trying to find artwork for shirts so I didn’t have time to change. Back to the story.

I ran upstairs, brushed my hair, kinda looked in the mirror, pulled on jeans and a sweatshirt, grabbed a cap and left. Notice I didn’t say- put on make-up, put on bra, put on socks. I just left. My kid was stranded on the side of the road, I was getting there as fast as I could.

As I drove, I talked to B on the phone, he was 20 minutes from home. Asked what happened, talked details, asked what he had tried, etc. I talked to hubs who was in a meeting downtown but happened to call. He had some good suggestions and new what was happening which made me feel better.

I get to B on the side of the freeway. Cars are whipping by, semi’s are whipping by practically blowing us over. I was freaked out to be honest. B and I are reading the manual, literally, on the side of the road to try to figure out how to free the spare tire from the bottom of the truck. Thank God B has a smart phone. We had to Google to figure out how to get the sucker off. The manual was absolutely no help!

We figured out how in theory to lower the tire. We were unsuccessful. I called hubs again. We just switch auto insurance and he remembered he got towing and road side assistance on the new plan. A call was made, help was being sent. This should be the end of the story right? Wrong. After waiting an hour for the road side assistance that they called, he pulls up, in a crappy old mini van. He gets out and doesn’t even touch the car. He said since we couldn’t get the tire off, he couldn’t changed it and could not help us. WTH? I was pissed. I signed the forms off he went.

By this point, B had been in the car 2 hours. We had the hazards on, the radio for a bit. You know what is coming next. Yep, we drained the battery. I called the insurance company again and said now not only do we need a tow, we also need a jump. We sat again. I had to pee for 1 1/2 hours at this point.

Meanwhile, H is calling. She is stuck at school! Crap! I racked my brain, made a couple of phone calls and got her picked up! A was calling too, but he was okay!

The next guys came with a big ass tow truck. On the way, they called the other guy a idiot. They got there, they tried everything B and I tried to get the tire down. They were unable to get it down. Come to find out, we were missing a piece off of the pipe. The beat the hell out of the pipe thingy and made it work. They jump started my van. I gave one of them a ride to a different tow truck while the other guy changed the tire.

B and I then drove the truck and van to the tire shop. Got new tires on the truck & a oil change. I got to pee after needing to go for 3 hours. Yes 3 hours! I almost ran to the restroom at the tire shop. We got home at 7:50. The day was shot but B said he was happy to be with me. We are safe and $300 poorer. All in a day.

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Our Community

This beauty is Layla Grace. She lost her battle with cancer today. I was honored follow this little girl on Twitter for the last few months. Today, with the rest of my Twitter and Blogging community, I mourn the loss of this precious life. Many do not understand the reasons I blog and am on Twitter. Many do not understand this community. Many do not understand the support, the love or the draw to this community. To me, this is their loss. They miss out for not opening up, not putting yourself out there, not expanding your community. I know some who read, really feel for me. They laugh with me, they hurt with me and for me. Today we cry with Layla’s family, we mourn with you, we cry for you. May God’s peace and love be with you today.

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Beautiful Blogger

I received this award a couple of weeks ago. Thank you Sara for being so patient in waiting for my response! I am honored that you thought of me for this award.

As part of the award, I will do the following:

1. Thank the person who gave me the award- Thank you so much Sara!

2. Provide a link to the person who gave you the award- See above

3. Copy the award and place it on your blog- Done! Isn’t it pretty?

4. Share 7 interesting things about yourself- See below

5. Nominate 7 others- I don’t have 7 but I have a few. See below after stuff about me of course!

Seven interesting things about me:

  1. I grew up in Rochester, MN the home of the Mayo Clinic. I have always been a medical care snob because of this. I can relate to all the mommas who are talking about their kids getting tubes in their ears. I had it done 3 times at Mayo. Don’t worry Mommas, I don’t remember a thing!
  2. I used to have a huge fear of flying. NO sleep the night before, cold sweat in the plane, worrying non-stop! One flight, it all changed, I was able to free myself of the fear. I now feel like I wasted so much time on my fear! I want to travel, I want to go places BUT I have a senior in high school and two others to follow. *sigh* I am guessing it will be a while before I can afford my dream trips!
  3. I am a germaphobe! Sometimes I can feel my skin tingle until I wash my hands when I touch something. Especially when there is illness in the house, I am a wreck. I wear gloves and carry Clorox wipes around until the illness has passed.
  4. I am the Secretary of the local figure skating Board of Directors where my daughter skates. I will admit, this was a stretch for me. I wanted to help but wasn’t sure if I was qualified to be on the BOD. I am really enjoying it. I will start my second year in May.
  5. I love love love photography! I am just getting into it! It is so relaxing! I have much to learn about it but it doesn’t matter. It gets me outside, it gets me walking, it gives me something to talk about and something to be proud of.
  6. I am 41 years old. For some odd reason, I feel like many of you might not know that about me. I got married young. I had kids young. I am young.  My kids are 18, 15, and 14 (next week). I can’t believe they are that old, I am as old as I am, and that time could really go that fast!
  7. Okay, this last one is kinda weird but it is supposed to be interesting right? Does interesting = weird? I don’t know but this is what I have: I collect cookbooks. It doesn’t matter if I have ever made a recipe from the cookbook, I treasure each and every one.

There beautiful bloggers for you:

1. @Ladybugsgrama – She is the grandma that many of us wish was our kids IRL grandma

2. @Leprakans – She is so kind and sweet to those she follows on Twitter! She warms my heart.

3. @Overflowinbrain – She goes through so much but still tries to stay positive.

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Research Project

I work with Preschoolers. I am in charge of setting the direction and deciding the curriculum we use. I am working on a video project and wondering what your 2-5 years olds like. What makes them want to watch the same show over and over? What shows should I watch to get into the brain and mind of these little ones to help them learn? It has been 10 years since I have had a preschool aged child. I want to be effective and help them learn and have fun. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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New Header, New Year, New Post

I have been absent for a bit. I apologize. The year started off with getting the kids back to school, me starting back to work, a skating trip, contracting a food born illness, and trying to recover. Never a dull moment here!

I have decided not to make resolutions this year. I read somewhere, I can’t remember now where, a quote about the new year. This is my version of it. A new year is not a beginning or an ending but the continuation of learning. I love that. In some ways I would love a fresh start, in other ways, I would like things to not change. This is a big year of change for me. My oldest will be graduating and go off to college. We are now in full swing. We are getting emails and mail daily from his high school and the college he plans on attending. I am finding myself getting excited for him. That is good. In September, I felt like my insides were being ripped out every time I thought about it. I guess I am making progress!

Happy Belated New Year everyone! I look forward to continued learning and growing with all of you.

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Merry Christmas

For many, this time of year can be a tough time of year. This year because of all that is going on in my life, I hoped to survive the holidays. I am proud to say I not only survived but I managed to enjoy the holidays. I have one more Christmas left tomorrow and I am done! Almost all the gifts are unwrapped, food has been consumed, stormy weather has come to an end, its a wrap!

Merry Christmas to all of you. Thank you all for supporting me during this season. Family and friends are what it is all about! I am blessed. Thanks for sharing your lives and letting me share mine with you.

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