A place to vent

My Twitter friend Chibi Jeebs needs a place to vent. I am happy to provide that space cause as you all know my blog could use a post.  This is what my friend has to say:

My phone rang when I got home last night.  It was Mom.  I was surprised because we had just spoken extensively the night before, and it was around the time she starts getting dinner ready.  My sister had another car accident.  Yes, another.  And because she said “another,” I just knew.  “She had another seizure, didn’t she?”
She started having seizures about ten years ago.  They ran multiple tests, but when they couldn’t find a cause she was labelled epileptic: she’s been on anti-seizure medication ever since.  Unfortunately, as an “immortal” teenager who didn’t ever witness the horror that is a grand mal seizure (I know there are more up-to-date terms, but I’m not sure what her seizures are categorized as), she never took it seriously: it was a big joke to her – until the day she had a seizure in class and realized that every single one of her classmates had now seen her convulse.
She hadn’t had a seizure for quite some time until she forgot to take a few pills.  She ended up falling off her bed onto her bedside table, breaking her lamp with her face (yup), and eventually doing a header down the stairs.  She gave herself a black eye and split her lip open.  She felt too embarrassed to go to school; she swore she’d “never forget again!”
And she didn’t.  For four years.  A combination of stress and forgetting a couple of pills caused her to have a seizure while driving.  She somehow managed to maneuver through a parking lot before crashing into a garbage container.  She totalled her car and broke her arm.  She also lost her license for six months.  Her insurance increased to an almost unaffordable amount.  We figured she’d learned her lesson.
Fast forward 1 year and 363 days later (seriously – I got goose bumps when I realized how close the dates were), my mom’s calling me to tell me that my sister’s had another seizure while driving.
This time was scarier, though.  She called Mom from a pay phone asking her to come pick her up because she had no clue where she left her car.  Yes, she had a seizure, crashed her car, came to, and wandered far enough away she couldn’t find it.  They drove around for an hour trying to find it (no luck).  Dad and our brother found it; unfortunately, the police had found it, too.  She somehow managed to maneuver between two SEMI TRUCKS in a truck stop parking lot before crashing into a cement abutment.  The whole driver’s side of the car was crumpled up; the windows on the driver’s side were smashed; both air bags deployed; there was damage to the ROOF of the car.  It’s totalled.  As Mom pointed out, if she’d been angled any differently, she could have gone under one of the freaking semis and decapitated herself.
She told Mom this wasn’t her fault.  When Mom looked at her and went “Pardon me?” all she could say was that it’s not HER fault she’s epileptic.  However, as Mom pointed out, it’s entirely her fault that she has seizures, because it’s entirely her fault she forgets her pills – pills she’s been taking for TEN YEARS.  And we’ve ALL tried to remind her (she gets pissy about us “nagging” her and treating her “like a child”).  Mom tried one of those seven-day pill holders (it’s still in the package on her desk).  We’ve told her to set an alarm on her cell phone, to put them beside her toothbrush, etc.  Nothing works.
At this point, she’ll lose her license again.  There’s a possibility she won’t get it back (and no, I don’t think this would be such a bad thing: at least she wouldn’t be on the road being a danger to herself and others).  Even if she does, her insurance will go through the roof.  I just…  I’m at a complete loss.  I’m pissed off and disappointed and frustrated and sick over what *could* have happened.  If she hasn’t learned her expensive, dangerous lesson yet, will she ever?

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2 Responses to A place to vent

  1. Ashlee says:

    I am so utterly and completely happy she is okay. I can just imagine all the emotions that are running through you right now. I would feel all those things in your place. I am so sorry for all your worry, stress, upset, concern. I hope she can see that taking her meds are necessary and I hope she stays safe. I love you!!!

  2. Oh I’m so sorry this is going on. It’s so scary. My heart goes out to you and I hope that this time is the one that makes her learn.

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