What a day I had

There is a reason that I call this blog staying centered in a crazy life. Crazy crap happens to me. I really don’t think I ask for it. What should be simple, never seems to turn out that way. Today is a prime example.

At 2:20, I get a call from B. Mom, I have a flat tire and I can’t find the jack.

Me- “Where are you?”

B- “I am on the side of the freeway.”

Me- “Oh my lord. I will get dressed and come!”

Yes, I said I will get dressed and go get him. Yes, it was 2:20 in the afternoon, I was still in my Pj’s. Not only was I in my Pj’s but they had pizza stains on them. I made myself a nice little lunch, and promptly spilled it all over myself. I was working from home, on the phone with a vendor trying to find artwork for shirts so I didn’t have time to change. Back to the story.

I ran upstairs, brushed my hair, kinda looked in the mirror, pulled on jeans and a sweatshirt, grabbed a cap and left. Notice I didn’t say- put on make-up, put on bra, put on socks. I just left. My kid was stranded on the side of the road, I was getting there as fast as I could.

As I drove, I talked to B on the phone, he was 20 minutes from home. Asked what happened, talked details, asked what he had tried, etc. I talked to hubs who was in a meeting downtown but happened to call. He had some good suggestions and new what was happening which made me feel better.

I get to B on the side of the freeway. Cars are whipping by, semi’s are whipping by practically blowing us over. I was freaked out to be honest. B and I are reading the manual, literally, on the side of the road to try to figure out how to free the spare tire from the bottom of the truck. Thank God B has a smart phone. We had to Google to figure out how to get the sucker off. The manual was absolutely no help!

We figured out how in theory to lower the tire. We were unsuccessful. I called hubs again. We just switch auto insurance and he remembered he got towing and road side assistance on the new plan. A call was made, help was being sent. This should be the end of the story right? Wrong. After waiting an hour for the road side assistance that they called, he pulls up, in a crappy old mini van. He gets out and doesn’t even touch the car. He said since we couldn’t get the tire off, he couldn’t changed it and could not help us. WTH? I was pissed. I signed the forms off he went.

By this point, B had been in the car 2 hours. We had the hazards on, the radio for a bit. You know what is coming next. Yep, we drained the battery. I called the insurance company again and said now not only do we need a tow, we also need a jump. We sat again. I had to pee for 1 1/2 hours at this point.

Meanwhile, H is calling. She is stuck at school! Crap! I racked my brain, made a couple of phone calls and got her picked up! A was calling too, but he was okay!

The next guys came with a big ass tow truck. On the way, they called the other guy a idiot. They got there, they tried everything B and I tried to get the tire down. They were unable to get it down. Come to find out, we were missing a piece off of the pipe. The beat the hell out of the pipe thingy and made it work. They jump started my van. I gave one of them a ride to a different tow truck while the other guy changed the tire.

B and I then drove the truck and van to the tire shop. Got new tires on the truck & a oil change. I got to pee after needing to go for 3 hours. Yes 3 hours! I almost ran to the restroom at the tire shop. We got home at 7:50. The day was shot but B said he was happy to be with me. We are safe and $300 poorer. All in a day.


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mom of three and a dog
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2 Responses to What a day I had

  1. JP_Lu says:

    Oh sheesh! What a day mama. Glad you guys got home safe, finally. Fooey on the $300 buck though. *sigh* xoxo

  2. Vixen says:

    Holy moly, what a day! Too crazy. You deserve a karmic break now.

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