Our Community

This beauty is Layla Grace. She lost her battle with cancer today. I was honored follow this little girl on Twitter for the last few months. Today, with the rest of my Twitter and Blogging community, I mourn the loss of this precious life. Many do not understand the reasons I blog and am on Twitter. Many do not understand this community. Many do not understand the support, the love or the draw to this community. To me, this is their loss. They miss out for not opening up, not putting yourself out there, not expanding your community. I know some who read, really feel for me. They laugh with me, they hurt with me and for me. Today we cry with Layla’s family, we mourn with you, we cry for you. May God’s peace and love be with you today.


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mom of three and a dog
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4 Responses to Our Community

  1. so perfectly put and said. xo

  2. avasmommy says:

    This community is the same as any “real life” community. We love, we hate, we rejoice, we grieve. People who don’t understand that probably don’t get the meaning of community, in any sense of the term. Today we just wrap our virtual arms around each other and wipe away each other’s tears.

  3. Lisa says:

    Beautiful. Our collective hearts are broken today. May Layla rest peacefully now and may her family find the peace, love and strength they need to mourn and go on.

  4. Vixen says:

    Amen, sista. Their loss. My prayers and thoughts are with Layla Grace’s family today, as the begin a difficult journey that I know too well.

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