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I work with Preschoolers. I am in charge of setting the direction and deciding the curriculum we use. I am working on a video project and wondering what your 2-5 years olds like. What makes them want to watch the same show over and over? What shows should I watch to get into the brain and mind of these little ones to help them learn? It has been 10 years since I have had a preschool aged child. I want to be effective and help them learn and have fun. Any suggestions would be welcome.


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  1. Shows with music are always popular. Anything with problem solving where they can try to help solve the problem. Also anything with a catch phrase that they can say. For example – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has “O Toodles” when calling for the tools or several of the PBS cartoons have them. I personally let my kids watch a lot of the PBS cartoons because you can clearly identify the learning objectives. The Disney channel has good preschool programs on in the morning. My boys particularly like the Imagination Movers and Little Einsteins (even though L.E. drives me crazy). I don’t care for the programs on Nickolodeon or Nick Jr. because I don’t think they are written as clearly with educational objectives.

  2. Jaded Perspective says:

    I really don’t know what makes Mason (2.5) like to watch something over and over, there really doesn’t seem to be a pattern. LOL He does love ANYTHING with animals and animal sounds. He is just now starting to participate, try to answer questions, and figure out situation the cartoons like MIkckey or Diego are in. He likes stuff that is funny or “silly” as he says.He thinks I am silly too, not sure is that helps your research, but you can email me whenever!

  3. pgoodness says:

    My 4 year old loves most things on Playhouse Disney, and also Max & Ruby. I think because they speak at their level and don’t try to talk over their heads. I personally love the problem solving, especially Imagination Movers.

    My son loves the Backyardigans more than anything right now – great songs, fabulous imaginations, lots of adventure and seems to teach more social skills, acceptance, etc. He tends to use their stories in his own play, long after the shows are over – pretending to be what they were in the episodes, making up his own similar adventures and words to the songs.

    For the record, Imagination Movers and The Backyardigans are also very adult friendly (as in don’t make you want to stick forks in your eyes like Dora or some of the others)

  4. I second the pbs cartoons. Super why is a current favorite. Music, catch phrases and a semi-interactive aspect seem to be part of their favorite shows

  5. Mary says:

    I have to second repetition. Ha! My 2 1/2 year old just recently discovered Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and is totally obsessed with it. She also loves videos with music where there are children dancing along. She likes to imitate the motions they make that go along with the words. Baby Signing Time also provides that sort of instruction, allowing the child to play along. Good luck!

  6. nicole b says:

    with my daughter she loves barney and sesame street because they are always singing and dancing and anything that is educational but fun at the same time

  7. My kids, 3 and 5, are most intrigued right now with Pocoyo. We watch it on youtube in French, Spanish and English–they don’t care which. My daughter (5) is in a french immersion school but my son (3) only understands english. I think it’s the sounds, colors and obvious silliness. They also enjoy shows like Super Why and Sid the Science Kid. Often later in the day I find them incorporating the concepts into conversation or action, which I like. They always are more engaged with shows that are interactive because they enjoy actually being able to answer the questions that are being asked. It makes them feel smart (who doesn’t like that), and I like the confidence that builds. Shows that are music or movement based like Little Einsteins or the Backyardigans are also favorites but my kids LOVE to sing and dance and are always looking for any excuse. Also you should check out Thomas the Tank Engine. I don’t get it, my daughter was never a fan, but all little boys I know love it.

  8. Sarah says:

    Backyardigans and Blue’s Clues.

  9. carareed says:

    We are stuck on Handy Manny & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse right now. For Claire, it is the repetitive songs & the catchphrases “Oh Toodles” on MMC & “You break it, we fix it!” from HM. Claire repeats those phrases & tries to sing their songs throughout the day & will pipe up with the phrases if they fit a situation we are in: ie-she’s helping me make a meal & I say “What should we use? The spoon? The spatula?” etc & she’ll say “We should ask toodles!” Another thing that draws Claire in is when they pause during the show to give the kids a chance to interact & try to answer a question that they’ve asked. I hope this helps!

  10. PrincessJenn says:

    Think of the most irritating shows you can – those are the ones the kids like the most. *sigh*
    But to actually answer your question, since I am currently in possession of a 2.5 yr old…
    – Sesame Street
    – Barney
    – Dora
    – and sometimes still the Wiggles

  11. Vixen says:

    I only get the g-babes rarely, but they do watch a lot of shows. But I can’t see real pattern of what makes some of them so intoxicating and others they just walk away from. Colors and music seem to help, but not always. Wow. Good luck!

  12. mel says:

    my daughter was alwasys a fan of sesame street and the wiggles. My 16mo old can’t keep her eyes off of Sesame Street, Dinosaur Train and Sid the Science Kid. They are all PBS. She’s not quite 2 , but I can tell you that even my 9yr old will sit and watch these programs with her sister and not say a peep because she’s that interested.

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