Crazy Crazy Week Part II

Hey there! I left off on Friday. I will pick up with Saturday.

Saturday: After very little sleep, I got up and went to A’s basketball game. It was a good game. He got plowed over by someone twice his size and then the guy fell on him! The whole crowd roared. A was okay but I almost had a heart attach! I couldn’t look. I just kept asking if he was okay. He was! Hubs and I came home, we worked on the furnace. We put a old, not too dirt filter in, that did the trick. We were happy. I went to watch Hannah skate at a skate with Santa event. She had a wardrobe malfunction but handled with great ease and maturity. We had dinner and did some more shopping. Pretty good day.

Sunday, December 20th:  Woke up to snow. H had a big skating competition so I took the day off. I offered to drive another mom and her daughter back down to the U of M to the competition. I was running a little late so I was nervous. We were almost to the U when my car started dinging. It said Check the Charging System. It kept saying it. I called the hubs told him to bring jumper cables and tools to the competition. He did. He looked at the van and couldn’t get the light to come on so he left. It seemed fine. He thought it was a fuse. H and her team got second place! It was a great competition. I had a sick feeling in my gut that I should not take the girls back in my van. They had practice after the competition because we have 2 more big competitions in January. All the moms were giving me a hard time but I sent the girls with someone else. A friend offered to ride with me in case I had problems and others were looking out for me. We drove along and then 5 minutes out of my town on the freeway my car went nuts. The signals started flashing, the bells were dinging, I lost my lights, my turn signal, my dashboard. I told S to hold on because I was driving to the nearest repair shop I could think of. I literally went through red lights, a four way stop and gunned it up a hill to the repair shop. It was so stressful! My son B and his friend dropped us off a car.

Monday: We heard from the shop it was just my battery. I was so relieved but skeptical. Hubs and I went to more “couch time”. It was an intense session. Hubs dropped me off to pick up the van and went to a meeting. I drive along in the van. It seems to be working fine. It is my day to drive carpool. I meet the girls in the parking lot. Van is on. Girls pile in. Van starts dinging again. *#$@! The girls all get out and go in another car. I call the shop and drive the van over. Hubs is not picking up because he is in a meeting. Son is 25 minutes away, he and his friend rescue me again. I take B’s car to drive carpool. I get home at 10. I am exhausted both mentally and physically. I am at the end of my rope. I had a couple of good cries and went to bed.

Tuesday: Because of the stress of Monday, I decide I need to take a half day vacation to finish Christmas shopping before Christmas party #5. B and I go get my van and shop together. Merry Christmas to me, I got a new alternator for $600! Nice huh! I look so good in it! I get home from Christmas shopping and the furnace isn’t working right again and my phone battery died. I kid you not! At this point, I think my heart may burst out of my chest. I call hubs. He said he would be over. I went and bought 6 new furnace filters. I am happy to report, the furnace hasn’t had a problem since that point.

Wednesday, December 23: I had the day off. I decide it is going to be a good day. I am happy to say that it was. I finished my shopping, got the house clean and we had 15 pounds of Lobster delivered to the house! Try to top that!

Thursday, December 24: Today has been a peaceful day. The Winter Storm that we are having has made Christmas quiet. No driving all over because it isn’t safe. We are home relaxing tonight and tomorrow. Eating good food and enjoying my kids makes a great Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas everyone! Through all the ups and downs of life, I hope you are all able to enjoy your family and friends. Treat yourself well, you deserve it. To all my Twitter friends, I hope life has settle down for me and I look forward to talking to you all more in the next week!


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3 Responses to Crazy Crazy Week Part II

  1. PrincessJenn says:

    Holy smokes. You’ve just had it in spades! I hope the rest of the holidays is peaceful and calm for you!!

  2. PB and Jazz says:

    I couldn’t believe everything that happened. It was crazy! I hope that is it for a while!

  3. Laura says:

    Wow sounds like it’s been crazy for you. Glad u all are doing ok. Miss you all!

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