Crazy Crazy Week Part I

I thought I would give you all a snap shot of my life. The holidays can be a crazy time and it just so happens that this week and last week were  insane time. I will give you a snap shot of my weeks day to day.

Sunday, December 13: Goes on record as being one of my worst days at work of all time. I literal hid at one point so I wouldn’t burst into tears. All the computers went down, kids were 3 minutes late to get on stage, a kid went missing (later found with parent we never had him), boss was pissed, I was pissed, nice day (NOT!).

Monday: “Couch time” with hubs was intense. Christmas party #1.

Tuesday: Paycheck mix up, bad letter from the State. Christmas party #2.

Wednesday: Paycheck mix up fixed, Christmas parties #3 & #4

At this point I had not seen my kids more than an hour all week. For me, this makes an insane mom! I missed them, even if they are teenagers.

Thursday: Was a busy day, mandatory family dinner. Starting to feel sick.

Friday: This is where things get interesting and really start to go down hill. Friday is my day off. I get up to do Christmas shopping and so on. I pick the kids up early from school cause they want to ditch out on a program and I am ever so happy to help them. A asks me if we can go to Wal-mart, he wants to buy a DVD. I say sure. He asks if he can drive, I say sure again. He has his permit and it was a nice day so I figured what can it hurt? We are driving along and we pull up next to a police car. I tease A that the cops are next to him. We keep on going. We are chatting and A says to me, “Mom, am I supposed to pull over if the lights are flashing?” I look back to see that we are in fact being pulled over! Poor A! He was shaking and asking me what he did wrong. I had no idea what he did! The police officer came up and A couldn’t get the windows down right away. I had expired tabs on my car, expired since September! The officer was nice NO ticket! I sent a txt to the hubs, he renewed them online immediately. Ugh. We had a good laugh about it when it was over but my poor buddy!

Next I go downtown to the Mariucci Arena for Hannah to skate. I am exhausted by this point. We get home and the heat is not working in the house! OMG! I was frustrated. I called my husband and asked him what to do. He had no ideas. I kept adjusting the filter and it started up again. I had to do this 4 times in the night! Up and down two flights of stairs each time. It was a long, long night.

This is a long post. If you are interested to hear how the next couple of days go, check back in a day or two. It gets worse for me before it gets better. Life sure is a rollercoaster!


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2 Responses to Crazy Crazy Week Part I

  1. PrincessJenn says:

    Uhhh… yeah, I’d be in a padded cell right now.
    Or very very very drunk… until new years.

  2. Tricia says:

    OK friend, you need a hug (even if it is cyber). What a week. It sounds a little like mine the week before last, but maybe not quite as bad. Try and take it easy the next few days and enjoy your time together. I know it gets so crazy sometimes, I feel all I do is rush and end up not enjoying my children the way I should. Know that we have all been there and we’re on your team. Call me if you need to – I’m on Santa duty and have to make sure these two are asleep before I can get to bed.

    Much love, hugs and hang in there,
    Tricia : ) xoxoxoox

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