Learning from others

What I enjoy about being on Twitter and reading blogs is the chance to learn and grow. I enjoy learning from others triumphs, I try to learn from their mistakes and what they have to say about their lives. I have found that I have grown as a person, as a friend, as a mother and as a person.

Last week, I was on Twitter, when Princess Jenn announced that she had a new blog post. I immediately went and read this post. Jenn’s post spoke to me. I tried to respond to her three times but kept deleting my response. Nothing seemed right to say, nothing seemed appropriate. How do I tell Jenn what is in my heart? I have never met Jenn but I have someone similar to Jenn in my life. I am going to call this person Rachel. Rachel is a great mom. She would do anything for her kids. She is at the ice rink every week a couple times a week faithfully watching her daughter skate. Rachel has a son who is 4. Rachel’s son, who I will call Spencer, has a sensory disorder. He is the sweetest boy, I love seeing him at the rink. Recently, we have gotten to see much more of Spencer. Rachel’s father had a stroke, he has been in and out of the hospital, he cannot be left alone so Rachel’s mother can no longer care for Spencer while his sister skates. Spencer comes, he loves to touch, he climbs all over me, asks to hold my hand, and asks the same questions a bunch. I think Spencer is awesome. This week, on Tuesday, I sit down at the rink and ask Rachel how it is going. She tells me this long story about how her past night went. Her husband had to go into emergency surgery, to get his appendix removed. Because the kids were at home she could not be there with him. Because of the weather, she couldn’t get to him during the day. He was being discharged that evening. Rachel was going to put the kids in the car and drive to the hospital in horrible traffic to pick him up. She look tired. I said, Rachel, let me take your kids. She said, you want Spencer? I said, yes, I would love to have Spencer. She said, he can be annoying, he asks the same thing over and over. I said, he is not annoying, he is great! She gave me the kids and took off to the hospital.

I brought the kids home. Spencer was a little thrown off but excited to be with my daughter and his sister. Remember Jenn’s post? I did. I had my daughter find him a Game Boy Advance and some games. Jenn’s helped me know that this might help. It was time to eat dinner, I offered, Spencer said NO! Jenn helped me know, that was okay, mom wouldn’t want me to force it. Spencer would be upset and uncomfortable. Jenn taught me to love on this boy, smile at him, and make him feel safe. I knew I could do that.

Rachel came to get the kids. Spencer didn’t want to leave. He was having fun. I knew I did my job. Rachel thanked me for not forcing him to eat. She was relieved. Thank you Jenn. Spencer threw a fit and tried to hit his mom, I didn’t judge. Thank you Jenn. Rachel was embarrassed and thought I would think Spencer always acted this way. I thought of Jenn. I did my best to reassure Rachel I was not judging her and that I didn’t think any differently of Spencer.

This long post is to say first of all, Jenn, thanks for your reminders, your educating, your honesty. This long post is to say, all of us bloggers, us because I am talking to myself too, share and be honest, you help others become better individuals. This is NOT to make myself look good it is to inspire to help, to be there, to move out of your comfort zone as you can. We all need a break, we all need help, we all need support. I did it this time, next time someone may do it for me, or next time it may be you.


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4 Responses to Learning from others

  1. Angi says:

    I love this. I love not only that Jenn’s writing (which is amazing) helped you, but also that you LISTENED. You HEARD her. And that, I think, is what draws us in and keeps us coming back. You are a good person. You did a great thing, for caring for Spencer, for hearing Jenn, and for reminding us all why we’re here.

  2. PrincessJenn says:

    You had me sniffling and tearing up by the end of this post. I can’t tell you how honored I am. Thank you for reading, thank you for listening. You are truly an amazing friend. (Hugs)

  3. mel says:

    What a wonderful post and what a wonderful, caring and thoughtful person you are. Not many would reach out to help another. I’m glad Jenn posted and it helped you help someone that needed someone to be there for them. I am extremely touched by this.

  4. Jaded Perspective says:

    This is such an amazing, heartfelt post. I couldn’t agree with you more about the posts that Jenn writes. I think my own son has sensory tendancies and i have learned form jenn. She is amazing. Also I swear I will get around to posting my ward soon. ❤

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