A Piece of Me

I thought I would tell you all a little bit about me. I have never really written down my likes and dislikes because they are constantly changing. So, this is a little bit about me for this week! Many of the things I have written will be out dated in a month. I will update again in a month or two.

Me: I am 40. I my birth month is February. I am 5′ 6′, medium blonde naturally curl hair, brown eyes. I am ISFP in the Myers-Briggs testing, which means I am an introvert, internal processor, strong feeler, and I change my mind a bunch.

Who I love: I love my husband, I love my three amazing kids: B- a son is 17, A- a son is 15, H a daughter is 13. I love my dog. I love God but not religion. God is not rules and judgments.

Hobbies: Photography is my new found love and hobby. As I sit here, I am thinking I need to get my camera and go. I love to see what I can get through my lense.  I think I love photography because it allows me to be creative and see the world differently. I like to go to movies too. I think that I go to enough to call it a hobby. I will go to anything that is not a horror movie. I already have fear issues, I don’t need more. I love to cook, although working full-time, I don’t have much time to do so.

What I spend my time doing: I spend many hours in the car, at the ice rink, I watch TV and spend too much time on Twitter and not enough time cleaning. I am a big believer in retail therapy. I also enjoy volunteering and helping others.

What I wish I was good at but I’m not: Anything sports related, I am not very athletic. I am not that great at writing, I wish words would flow on the page.

Foods I crave: Sushi, chinese, mexican, indian, and potatoes. I love to try new food.

My favorite color: red, but I wear a lot of black

My favorite movie: Pride and Prejudice

What I drink: Iced decaf with sugar free flavoring, diet A&W, MGD 64

My pet peeves: Open cupboard & closet doors, dishes in the sink, the garbage overflowing

What I would like to do more of: photography, travel, exercise

If you have question for me, ask. I will answer it if I feel comfortable. I will leave you with one of my favorite springtime pictures that I took in my home town.

pink blossom


About PB and Jazz

mom of three and a dog
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6 Responses to A Piece of Me

  1. poobou says:

    No questions off the top of my head. But I love that picture, it’s gorgeous.

  2. Jaded Perspective says:

    It’s good to get to know you more!

  3. Sara says:

    What is your favorite store at mall of america and how often are you there? When are we going for sushi?

  4. PB and Jazz says:

    My favorite store at MOA? That is a hard one Sara. I frequent MAC makeup, Nordstrom Rack, the Coach store, and Bloomingdales. I have been at MOA 4 times in the last 6 weeks which is a record for me. I am starting to know it really well so I shop there much more.

    Our sushi date is anytime I can see you. If I get your way we will go, if you come my way, we will go. I love sushi!!!!

  5. Hmmm, I am questioned out today. I will have to think on it. I love the picture too.

    Oh wait, I have a question: When are you going to post again? ha ha ha ha ha

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