New life


My last couple years have been difficult to say the least. I have gone through and continue to go through some really difficult times. I try to be happy and upbeat. I try to be strong, especially for my kids. I try to enjoy life. I have been in a counseling group for a little over a year. I meet with three ladies who love me put don’t pull any punches. Sometimes I come out of my meeting feeling loved and sometimes I feel really beat up. It is wonderful to have a place where you can cry, feel challenged and really grow as a person. I am starting to feel as though I am getting a new life. I feel like I am turning into the person I want to be. I am starting to be confident, I am helping others with my experiences (this is a passion of mine) and I am starting to be comfortable in my own skin again. In order to be comfortable in my own skin, I have started the South Beach diet. I am tired of looking in the mirror and feeling tears. I have clothes in my closet that I would love to wear. I am not looking to be any magical weight or size. I am wanting to be healthy. I want to live long and be with my kids. I cannot change all the circumstances and crap in my life BUT I can change me and how I react to the crap. That is what I am working on and it feels really good.


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mom of three and a dog
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2 Responses to New life

  1. Jaded Perspective says:

    That is so awesome. Focus on health and happiness and not an exact weight or size. Go you!!

  2. Vixen says:

    Feeling comfortable in your self (and your skin) is a wonderful thing to aspire to and I wish you much success. Life is hard, I know, but I do believe that our trials form us into who we are, for better or worse, we must be who we are and believe in ourselves.

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