New Blog Design

I am such a rookie on bloggin. I figure stuff out and then forget how I figured it out. Urg! I was on BlogHerAtHome and saw a contest to get a new Blog design by Temptation Designs. I thought to myself, I need this! I need this because I bet Sam could tell me how to add button to the side. I desperately would love Maddie Spohr’s picture on my blog. I would love the Friends of Maddie button on my Blog. I would love to know how to put buttons on my Blog! I would love my real personality to show through on my Blog. I AM BLOG CHALLENGED! I NEED HELP! I HOPE I WIN! If you all could vote, I would ask you to vote, I am that desperate. Thanks for listening! stressed-out


About PB and Jazz

mom of three and a dog
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One Response to New Blog Design

  1. ashley says:

    Hey girl! Whether or not you win I can help you with your button issues and anything else you might need.

    But good luck to both of us on the giveaways!

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